When you go, you go! Driving and All.

When you go, you go: I am finally here. My suitcases are unpacked (bearing in mind that items in my can come box all stayed at home due to the fact that I went with half a kilo more than allowed and my carry-on was bursting at its seams), I have an American phone number, an American bank account, American toiletries and a whole bunch of other American stuff. The only thing I am lacking is the American style of driving.

Oh yes, you heard me. Sure I thought that driving would take some time getting used to, but I never thought that I’d be as cautious as I was driving through the town I know live in. Crossing larger intersection is an adventure on its own. Don’t waste any time because oncoming traffic just kind of sneaks up on you. If you decide to go, you go! And fast.

This is kind of what my trip feels like so far. I made the decision to come here about four months ago. Now that I’m here, I am learning to embrace all these new things and call this home. If I don’t go all in, I’ll crash. Ok, that sounds a little dramatic, but in some ways it’s the truth. You get what I mean. Anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes driving by myself for the first time, when I take one of the boys to school on Tuesday. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. 😉

Love, Sophie x

P.S.: Here is a list of things that I realised are also big in the US:

-everything except Nutella jars


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