Shop ’til you drop… or run out of money… or not.

Shop til you drop: So these past couple of weeks have been quite full. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of my host family’s extended family (in Wisconsin I might add). I have had lots of fun days taking care of the kids, taking them to school, the indoor park and story time at the local library, and playing Frozen with our make belief ice palace made out of pillows and blankets. I get to be Elsa which is awesome; particularly because they ask me to sing Let It Go and strut across the room in a very determined manner. Those of you who know me will know that I genuinely enjoy it. 😀

Another thing I am enjoying is the shopping. 40% off your entire purchase at Old Navy, 60% clearance at American Eagle, 8$ for a hoody at Aeropostale… heaven. Although I’m sure heaven will have better sales 😉 Anyway, I have acquired some new clothes, but I’m still looking for a nice pair of warm boots. All I can find is sandals. Apparently Minnesotans think its summer as soon as the temperature goes above 10 degrees celsius. Sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it fellow Brits? 🙂

One thing that makes this experience different from a vacation in the US, is that I won’t really run out of money, since I am allowed to work and thus earn money. Yay! On holiday you get to week three and start digging into the savings account and start contemplating major life choices over a pair of really cute shoes you see… on sale. Also, you don’t run the risk of being in trouble when you pull out Daddy’s credit card for one last burger at an authentic American diner. It was totally worth it though!

All in all I am enjoying life here. Driving is a little less frightening. I’ve mastered the 4 way stop signs, the turning right on red and even some high way action; although that was unintentional after trying to find my way home without the GPS on my way back from Old Navy, after returning an impulse buy due to the overwhelming sensation of that 40% off entire purchase deal. Shop, stop and go.

Love, Sophie x


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