Only In America II: All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes at Midnight

Are you ready for the second part of my mini Series “Only in America”? Here it is:

Only in America II: All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes at Midnight

I can’t actually believe I did this. Well, not just me, but my trusted friend Marisel and I. It’s no secret: we like to eat. But not an unending flow of pancakes after bedtime. This was probably one of the first things on my list of ideas for the mini series. perkins menuA couple of Sundays ago, we were sitting in Perkins after church (for any of you who don’t know, Perkins is a pancake/breakfast restaurant that’s open 24/7) and we saw the little ad on our table that sparked the idea for “Only in America”. All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes from 9pm-6am every day for $5.99 – never ever in Germany. Not for $5.99 and certainly not from 9pm-6am. I don’t think we have a restaurant that’s open that long. Well, maybe the McDonalds in downtown Frankfurt, but even they shut off the milkshake and sundae machines. So yeah, no midnight milkshakes and certainly no midnight pancakes in Germany.

Perkins at Full Moon

Perkins at Full Moon

So there we were, Marisel and I at Perkins after seeing The Huntsman Winter’s War (brilliant movie by the way and not just because Chris Hemsworth is in it) not knowing what torture would await us inside. We were so excited we even asked a lady to take a picture of us outside in front of the sign. Looking very confused we added that we weren’t from the US and were having a touristy moment. As you can see on the picture, that night was the perfect night. An empty stomach (that’s right, no snacks at the movies) and a full moon (muhhaaahahahaaa… just kidding).

To cut a short story long, we went inside, ordered and were served our first plate of 5 pancakes. 5 HUGE pancakes.

only in america all you can eat pancakes

First pancake: This is soooo good! We should do this every Friday after the movies. Third pancake: Wow, I think I’m almost full… Are we out of syrup already? Waitress comes: More pancakes? Us: Sure, just three to see how we’ll do. Forth pancake: I’m full…. just one more to go… no syrup… too sweet. Fifth pancake: I can’t anymore, maybe we should stop. Four more pancakes arrive. Oh boy!

all you can eat pancakes

End of story

… Each of us “only” managed 6 pancakes and I felt so sick I couldn’t even fall asleep without watching some make-up tutorial on youtube to distract me from the nausea. My verdict: For people who can eat a lot, sure; for me, maybe just a slice of pie next time. See you at the gym!

Love, Sophie x

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