Only in America III

It has been way too long since my last post. Please accept my apologies and this new (very long) blog post to make it up to you. Also, in case you haven’t read the other posts in this series, you can catch up here: Only in America IOnly in America II.

Only in America III: From Lakes to Mountains to Ocean and Desert

Originally I was going to tell you all about my “Uptown Funk” line dancing experience I did as part of our Au Pair program. Pretty American, right?. But then the days went by so fast, I found myself filling up my suitcase with clothes rather than my blog with new posts. That’s right, I flew out to California two weeks ago (has it already been that long???) to be apart of my ex-roomies/best friend’s wedding in a beautiful park by the Sacramento River in Northern California.

Wednesday = Travel and Party. Flying across the country was breathtaking. From Minnesota, filled with its many lakes and green trees towards Colorado and the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. Although I know I can’t count Colorado on my “List of States I have been to”, I did see the Mountains from the air in the plane and from afar at the airport. I need to come back. I love me some mountains! It’s not only my love for snow covered hills that I rediscovered there, but also my morphing American, sorry, Minnesotan accent, I can here myself speaking… especially around people who are not from there. Let’s just say it’s all part of the experience.IMG_0835

Next stop: San Fransisco, CA. Again, only the airport, but there it was: the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge. In only a matter of hours I had gone from Lakes to Mountains to the worlds largest ocean. I love how geographically diverse the US is. Anyway, one last flight to Redding, CA. Let me tell you: it was a loooooong trip. Totally worth it though. After doing my make-up on the plane and hurrying to Amanda’s house to get ready for her bachelorette party, we had a very fun and successful evening. Need ideas on a 20s themed party… just ask me.FullSizeRender 3

Thursday = First year graduation for the students at Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). I am so grateful to have been apart of it. The message was great, the worship was even better. These people are so anointed. I felt God’s love like never before. Not only through the worship and the message, but through all the people there who serve with unconditional love and an attitude of fellowship.

Friday = Wedding Day! After spending the night in a lovely hotel, the day had finally arrived. Ding dong the bells are going to chime, let’s get her to the park on time. I have been a bridesmaid here in Germany before, but that requires far less. FullSizeRender 4Basically you just show up and take pictures after holding the bouquet during the ceremony. Here in the US, it’s a job you do with pride. You are responsible for making sure her bags are packed for the honeymoon, that she gets up on time to do hair and make-up, and that she has eaten and drank enough before the ceremony, even if it means reminding her to eat every 5 minutes. It means you are responsible for her dress and not getting it wrinkled. You are her mental support and calming down system. You don’t talk to the bride about issues before the ceremony, you come to the bridesmaids. You get the picture 🙂 I had the pleasure of sharing this duty with my wonderful new friend Alyssa. Although it can get pretty stressful at times and we were completely dead afterwards, I was so honoured to be in this wedding and carry out the duties of a bridesmaid. We literally crashed on the hotel hallway for about 5 minutes after the ceremony before Aunt Tina arrived with the room key.IMG_1077

Saturday = Home day… well almost. To complete our duties as bridesmaids, there was one more thing left to do. The prank. Not sure if everyone does a prank, but if the bride leaves post-it notes and pens lying around her room, the bridesmaids will surely take advantage of this. I shall say no more and leave it up to your imagination to figure out what we did 😉 Bags packed and ready to leave, we drove down to the Sacramento airport. I must say: Northern California is stunning! Having said our good byes, Alyssa and I departed to our gates and soon realised: DELAYS, HUGE DELAYS. The reason being a mechanical issue on my plane, which probably affected the other planes’ landing routes. Not good, when you need to catch a connecting flight in Seattle. You know it’s really bad when they start calling you up to be rerouted. And guess where I got a free flight to?! Phoenix, baby! The first time I have taken someone up on their “You can come anytime.” I called my startled Auntie in Scottsdale to ask before the airline booked the flight and couldn’t believe we were actually going to see each other in a matter of hours. While everyone at the gate was looking pretty grumpy, I was jumping up and down at the front desk screaming my thank you’s to the wonderfully friendly Alaska Air staff. And of course: THANK YOU, JESUS! You never fail to bless me and shower me with your love! So off I went to the desert.IMG_1113

Sunday = Cacti and other things.
We had an awesome day together, pancakes for breakfast, cooked by my very talented cousin, Alec. Church, and Mexican food (as you do in AZ). I had an evening flight back to MSP after spending some quality time with my family there. I still can’t believe I got to do this.

Now you would think this were the end of my post. Ooohhh no, there is more. On Monday evening, as I was slowly getting back to normality, normality changed. I received a text from my sister’s (wait for it)… FIANCÉ!!! They got engaged. Boom – new normality! As my dad put it: “We are now officially in wedding planning mode.” Congratulations, Lilly and Wes! From one wedding to the next. At least now I know how to be a bridesmaid. BRING IT ON! 🙂

IMG_1288Click on their names to see more of their journey. Lilly & Wes’ Instagram.

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