The Great American Pastime

I can’t believe it… I went to a baseball game and I didn’t like it.



Now I must admit, it wasn’t just the pure joy of baseball, but a sweet concoction of amazing friends, good food, and the best seats in the stadium.IMG_1412 We indulged into Wisconsin cheese curds, fries, and of course: HOT DOGS. Delicious!  By the way, did I mentionIMG_1396 the tickets were free. Given to us by Marisel’s host dad, who was given extra tickets from work. God doesn’t stop blessing us. Some one had told us the tickets were good after looking at our seat numbers, but even they did not know they were THAT good until we actually got to the stadium and the staff redirected us to the Legends’ Club. Padded seats, servers who will take your order and a perfect view of the Minneapolis skyline at sunset. I don’t think it gets better than that to enjoy the great American pastime (and by that I mean baseball… 🙂 )
I had no clue about baseball, except that there are players; the one pitching throws the balls, the one batting tries and hits it. Usually there is running involved (please correct me if I’m wrong). Luckily, our dear American friends were able to explain the simpleIMG_1392 rules of the game to us, which helped me understand what was going on. A little bit more than just hitting and running. Besides just watching the game, we clapped along to the songs, cheered, booed and went nuts over a steal, that wasn’t counted. COME ON!

What is the ultimate goal of a baseball game from the crowd’s perspective? I don’t know for sure, but I’m going to guess it’s catching a foul ball. And FullSizeRender 5boy did they deliver… And not only that, but we got to take a picture with the mascot, sit in the bronze glove in front of the stadium, take touristy pictures, and above all, enjoy a great evening. Conclusion: baseball is definitely not the fastest game out there, but going with great friends makes such a difference. Even they said it was one of the best games they have ever been to, even though our team “The Twins” lost. Again 😀 Next on the American sporting event to-do-list: basketball and high school football in the fall.

This week I have been preparing for my second trip to Chicago to finish my credits. This time we are driving down (about 6 hours) and will hopefully get to enjoy nicer weather… Unlike last time. No matter what happens, I’ll let you know.

Love, Sophie x

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