I can’t believe I have been here for 6 months. What an adventure it has been so far. I am pleased to say that I have added a few things to my list of experiences here in MN and out of state. I went to go see the Lynx Basketball game in June, went golfing for the first time in 10 years, enjoyed a Broadway musical in NYC, and caught my first ever fish. I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago and have been keeping busy with the kids and my wonderful friends from life group and of course helping Lilly and Wes plan their wedding.

IMG_1741The Lynx game: Minnesota’s most successful sports team, and yes, it’s the women. I even gave some of the players a high five. Who’s house? Our house! We smoked the other team which made for quite an enjoyable game. I went with Marisel and our friends Jeff and Maria from life group. We have become quite the squad. Although the game was awesome and the atmosphere was amazing, my favourite part of the evening was the Faith and Family night that followed. IMG_1747This post-game event included a short testimony from some of the players and worship. I loved praising Jesus with lots of people from many different churches around the twin cities area. What a blessing this happened to be the night we got tickets.
For my birthday I was given an afternoon golfing with another friend from life group and Au Pair host mom, IMG-20160731-WA0001Kristin. We both haven’t had much experience, so loosing the odd ball or two didn’t feel too bad. I hit a few good balls, but what I was most excited about was the weather and the great company. A perfect day. Who knows, you might see me out there again in the future. And by out there I mean between the shrubs… looking for lost balls.

A couple weekends ago I was able to fly to NYC for a few days to enjoy the city and friends’ company. My two college friends from Germany planned their summer vacation so they could see me. How blessed am I. I was able to introduce them to Times Square, walking across the street even though the little man is red (yeah, we always wait in Germany), show them Lady Liberty and visit a Broadway musical.


At Times Square with Sabrina and Miriam

We got Fiddler on the Roof tickets for only $35. That’s pretty hard to beat. I vaguely remember seeing this show as a school production many years ago. It was definitely worth seeing again. We managed to find the bar that inspired the TV series How I met your Mother, McGee’s, we found the oldest pub in the city, McSorely’s, and no, we didn’t spend all weekend drinking. Just a beer here and there to cool down. it was super hot and super humid. I was so grateful when we made it out to Brooklyn and got some much needed air. Also, I took my first Uber ride. A cheaper alternative to Taxis. I probably saved about $35 or more driving from the airport to our airbnb in Harlem. I can highly recommend it!

And finally, I reeled in the biggest catch of the day (only a sunfish) last weekend when I got to spend Maria’s birthday weekend with her family at the lake.  A true Minnesota experience. I had to get my MN fishing license and even did all the dirty work, sticking the worms on the hook and taking the fish off once I’d caught them. I loved it. Jeff’s dating advice for the weekend: don’t date anyone who doesn’t like fishing. I don’t think we ever got behind the reason of why, but thanks anyway 🙂 we topped off the day with tubing and a failed attempt at waterskiing. My arms hurt nonetheless. Believe me.IMG_1990

In other news: my youngest sister Amy got engaged. Congratulations to you and Tim. Love you both and excited for your future.

Love, Sophie x

PS Sorry I haven’t been blogging much, the site needed some updates and repairs (Thanks, Dad!). There will be more, I promise. Also, in the next couple of months I will be revealing what next year may have in store for me, so keep reading 🙂

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