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Hello everyone!

Some weeks ago I hinted that there would be some upcoming news as to what the future may hold for me. Since then, emails have been sent, references have been filled out and contracts have been signed. I can’t answer the question 100% accurately, but I will say with some certainty, that I am planning on extending the Au Pair program for another 12 months. Yep, one whole year. Although some of you may be shocked, others will not be surprised at all. Truth be told: I feel like ging back to Germany and starting my teacher training would be a step motivated by obligation, rather than conviction. Right now, I want to follow what God has placed on my heart, and that is staying in the US for another year. Here are some details you may have been wondering about:

  1. No, I will not be staying with the same family. They have chosen to take advantage of other childcare opportunities within their family, and I strongly agree with that decision.
  2. Will I be staying in Minnesota? To be honest, I’d love to experience another state. Minnesota has been really enjoyable so far (the winter is yet to come), but there are so many other places to see. If I find a great host family here, then yes, I would stay, but I am most certainly open to other locations.
  3. When will I have more details? I have no idea. It could be next week, it could be next month or the month after that. My profile has been successfully uploaded to the Go Au Pair website and sent to other Au Pair representatives in different states. Now all I can do is wait. Wait for my phone to ring or my email notification to chime. I have signed the contract with the agency and have until 6 weeks before my visa expires to find a new family.

I’m really excited for this new development and for the opportunities that will come up. If you pray, please consider praying for me. For peace, wisdom discernment and patience. I’d really appreciate it. I’ll keep you posted on any news. Thank you for supporting me, where ever you are, by reading this blog, praying, contacting me or just sending over a positive thought.

Lots of love, Sophie x

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