When God closes a door

It has been four whole weeks (or maybe longer) since my last post. Not much has been going on. Fall has come and almost gone, and I am still searching for a host family. I wanted to share this story with you, not just to give you an update, but also to encourage you.

About four weeks ago I got a text message during church from a very excited host mom in Boston. Let’s call her Stefanie for the purpose of making the story easier to tell. Stefanie was very eager to get to know me and even facetimed me that evening. We totally hit it off and had multiple great conversations. From what I understood, it seemed like Stefanie’s family was ready to invite me into their home and stayed in contact for a few weeks. During this time, quite a few other families contacted me. Some of them I just ignored, and some possibilities I explored further, although I was pretty set on going to Boston. After all, it’s been on my bucket list for some time now. Just a couple of days ago I was starting to question whether that would be the right decision and whether or not I should even be thinking about leaving Minnesota. I know, I know… I was so set on seeing another state, and if that’s what God has for me, I’m totally up for it, if not, I’d be super excited to stay. You see, I have started getting more involved with the young adults group at our church, and also I have even been given the opportunity to serve on the worship team later this November. Our new pastor has a huge passion for our generation and the church is starting to focus on raising up a people of God. I’m so excited for this. I started to be concerned I might have to disappoint Stefanie and her family, I was doubting myself and my capability of hearing from God and I had this huge knot in my stomach for days. Where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do? Finally, last night, I shared my concerns and a lovely couple at life group prayed for me. They prayed for clarity, that I would not be left guessing, and that God would show me exactly where to go. The prayed for peace and for confidence in our good God. The knot in my stomach started to release and I started to feel God’s peace. Israel and Alyssa, you are awesome and I love you so much! (Btw, they just had a beautiful baby girl 10 days ago and are already back at life group. Can we acknowledge how amazing they are!!!). Ok, trying to wrap this up… about 30 minutes later I received a text from Stefanie saying that they were not going to go through with their decision and for personal family reasons didn’t feel like it was the right thing to do at this point. Well God couldn’t have made that more clear if he wanted to. With a hint of disappointment, I was so thankful that our prayers had been answered so simply and so clearly.

This led me to the thought: When God closes a door, he doesn’t just open a window somewhere because the gates of His kingdom are already open, we just have to walk in and rely on His presence. (Can I hear an Amen?! :D)

I am continuing to hold onto God’s peace and guidance and am excited for this second part of the process. There are a couple of possibilities here in MN, but if He wants to use me elsewhere, that’s where I will go. I’d still appreciate your support. Whether you are praying or sending me some kind words or thoughts, I’ll take it all. If you pray, please pray for peace, joy and patience, as well as guidance from God and trust in His perfect purpose for my life. Thank you!

Love, Sophie x

PS: I got to meet up with a friend I know from Germany. Aimee and me have seen each other in various states and various continents throughout our friendship. img_3902d2ece594-1Whether it’s Georgia, Germany or like this time, Wisconsin, we always have a wonderful time catching up and having great conversation. We met up at a German restaurant in Hudson, WI, for dinner. The Winzer Stube is the 5th best German restaurant in the US, and they do not disappoint. The Schnitzel, red cabbage and mashed potato reminded me of home.
The warm Apfelstrudel took the whole meal to the next level. Lucky for me, it’s only 15 minutes away from where I live right now. So hopefully I’ll be going there again in the near future. Thank you, Aimee, for such a wonderful evening. I’m curious to see where we’ll see each other again. 🙂