Belated, But Updated

…Before I get started, here is a major prayer request for a couple who is part of our family at River Valley Church: A few weeks ago I went to a friend’s bonfire in Minneapolis and had the pleasure of meeting some new people. Little did I know, that one of guys I met would soon be fighting for his wife’s life just weeks later. “[…] Bethany was unexpectedly admitted into the hospital due to immense pain occurring throughout the left side of her body and the inability to move her left arm & hand. While the doctors worked to find answers, a benign brain tumor was also discovered and Bethany began to experience seizure-like episodes.” (from “The Story”) Please pray for breakthrough in this situation. If you can, please consider donating to their medical fund (even if it’s only a small amount). The power of community and unity is incredible. You can click here to donate and read more about them and the situation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Belated, But Updated

When your dad (who doesn’t love reading) reminds you that he misses your blog posts and you go back and realize that the last one was two months ago, you force yourself to sit and and write at least something, so here it is:

I still love my job. Matthew and I have a lot of fun playing LEGO, learning to read and, enjoying bike rides and walks to the park when the weather is good. This spring Minnesota has blessed us with a lot of rain and even some snow in May. At this point last year, I already had a tan. I still love my church. The summer internship program at RVLI starts in just a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to be more involved with what is going on and how God is moving in MN and the city of Woodbury.What I love even more is my tribe, my peeps. I cannot believe how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people in my life who I get to call friends. Having a community that builds you up and sets you up to win is so valuable. We are all learning and growing with each other. I’m learning the importance of having life-giving friendships that are not based on my feelings and myself, but on love and how that translates into how I treat others (wow, that was deep…). I was recently challenged by a post on the soul scripts blog about what true friendship is really about. (Click here to read the post). Other than that life is pretty normal. I do have a few trips planned for the summer and the fall (ahem, excuse me, autumn). I am also expecting visitors this year. Last year I did all the traveling, and this year I get to show some of my family what life looks like up here. You know, the lakes, the mall, and well that’s about it. Maybe a day trip to another state?

In just a couple of weeks I’ll be a year away from not knowing what to do with my life after the internship. Yay! And for those of you who are wondering or just wanted some clarification: no, I have decided I am not finishing my student teaching in Germany. I don’t actually think I’ll go back to Germany… at least not to live there. Some more questions you may have:

One: Where will you go? I have absolutely no idea. The world is my oyster, although to tell the complete truth: I would love love love to stay here.

Two: Do I regret my choice of studies? No, the moment my acceptance letter from Frankfurt University arrived I knew that that’s what God wanted me to do. (I had been accepted to all three schools I had applied for that summer.) I know that there is a purpose in His will and I know that nothing is ever wasted with God.

Three: Am I worried? Not really. Sometimes I catch myself freaking out, but I know that everything will become clear when the timing is right. Without faith, yes I’d probably be crying on the floor right now.

I appreciate your prayers and all your encouragement, no matter who you are and where you are reading this.

Love, Sophie x

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