Trot Gobble Wobble – Thanksgiving 2017

As I am writing this, it is currently 10 minutes to midnight. The day Americans celebrate as Thanksgiving is almost over and I cannot help but think about all the things I am truly thankful for. I hardly know where to start. My friends who make great babies, my friends who take great pictures, my tribe here that breaks the mold of any expectations you may have regarding friendship and that is the reason I confidently call this place home. I have family here, this is my literal happy place. This was confirmed once again last weekend, when all the girls from church got together to have a special friendsgiving. Never have I been surrounded by such a wonderful group of people.

Friendsgiving – Thanks for the great shot, Hannah!

Although you may not be thankful for an alarm clock waking you up at 6:30 am on a holiday, I was. I started my gobble day with a turkey trot. 6k to be exact, and I jogged/ran it all the way. Something this fluffy bunny is very proud of. We celebrated our individual victories with a delicious breakfast that of course would be followed by… you guessed it…. more food later that day.

I celebrated Thanksgiving with my wonderful host family in their beautifully decorated house. Yes, the Christmas tree is already up and I’m loving the cozy atmosphere. I had my first green bean casserole, which is a big deal here in MN. I loved it. My host mom is the green bean casserole queen. As is her mom, who also slayed every other dish we had for lunch. I got to have dessert with my other family here in the US. Marisel’s host family who never fails to make me feel welcome in their home. The pecan pie was to die for, as was the ice cream sitting on top of it. Americans will never fail me with their Thanksgiving holiday menu.

You may think my day ended there, but oh no, dear friends, it continued. With more friends who are really like family. Marisel and I joined our friend Hannah for some non competitive rounds of the game, Settlers of Catan (which I can highly recommend) and a late night, almost Black Friday, shopping spree at target. If you read my blog last year, you may see a tradition forming here. (click here if you don’t remember)

I currently don’t know where life will be taking or keeping me next year, but no matter what happens, I am thankful for everyone I have here in MN. There is no doubt in me that this is where I belong. Whether immediately, in 6 months, 2 or 10 years after returning home to Germany, I know I will be back. I am definitely looking forward to seeing my family again after such a long time, I’ll admit to that. Another thing to be thankful for. My family. I love you!

I hope this post leaves you all well and hopefully also a little bit thankful for the blessings in your life (even if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving). Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas season and all the best for the new year. You’ll be hearing from me again soon… or maybe later… you never know J

Love, Sophie x

PS: I’m working on some travel stories and life updates. Promise 😀