Back in Town – Why and When I’m heading Home

Believe it or not, in four weeks I will be leaving this beautiful place I have called home for the past two years. I have lived here longer than in my apartment during college. Some of you may know that I applied at the German immersion school in St Paul and was asked to teach there next school year. The only catch is that I need professional experience in my home country first before being granted a work visa to the U.S. So that door shut, really the only open door was pointing towards Germany, which is exactly opposite of what I had wanted.

“When God shuts a door, somewhere He opens a window.” – still one of my favourite quotes. And boy, He does not disappoint. Not long after that door shut, did a beautiful window open. A window that would be taking me back to Germany on a slight detour. This detour is taking me to the southern hemisphere, to my best friend in South Africa. Three weeks of exploring a new country and continent before taking Marisel (the aforementioned best friend) with me to … England, where I get to show her my country of birth and where we will both witness my sister’s wedding in April, followed by 24 hours in Paris and a short week in Germany (a short week for her that is).

After that, I still have no idea what my life will look like. For now: spending lots of time with my parents and family there. Then: we shall see. I’m not particularly worried. As I might have mentioned before, I don’t think I want to teach anymore. Somehow I believe God is leading me in a different direction. Again, I’m not sure what that will be, but I’ll let you know when I know.

Meanwhile I have been enjoying my time here to the max. Minneapolis hosted the Super Bowl this year which is a once in a lifetime experience. Although attending the game would cost about $10.000 (yep, das espensive) I did make my way into the city to see all the activities with my friends and go celebrity hunting. Just when we thought we wouldn’t find anyone daring enough to brace the snow and cold, we found Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show filming in a heated booth/studio. Although the ice sculptures were pretty impressive, nothing beats Jimmy Fallon. Except maybe my friends. They are pretty great.

This year I got to watch the Super Bowl with the sweetest family from church. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. All the more reason to return to Minnesota, really the main reason I would have loved to stay here instead of returning home.

Did any of my fellow Europeans stay up to watch the Super Bowl?

Love, Sophie xxx

PS: In the post Minnesota?! You know it’s cold there. I wrote about how I assumed football and the Vikings were a big thing. I proved past-me right by buying a hat from the NFL store. If you can’t tell what the logo on my hat is, let me help you… it’s a viking 🙂


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